lunedì 23 gennaio 2012

Frank64 cab mounth

Frank64 install chrome parts

Hood hinges

Frank64 color

Epoxy primer hood

Painted cab at home!!!

Frank64 homemade inox exhaust

Frank64 clean hood



Frank64 cab transportation in the body shop

Pics from Bike Expo 2012

With Jasse James

Wildman at work      Danny H9 helmet


Dice Party 21/01/2012

Bike Expo VR 21/01/2011

CC Maphia!!

lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Ciste's Caddy Party ...... Volpiano (TO)

Painted by Roby Custom Design
Rumblers CC Milano
Wath is fake????
Photo by Romano
Frankino "Chopworks" Bikes ,  photo by Romano
El Cholo , made in Chopworks , photo by Romano

Famous book

Some time ago, I bought this book used on Amazon ...

Soon I found this dedication, but I did not know who the James ...
While the signature must be by Mike La Vella

This morning, I had the time and I started to look at the book ...
I found this stamp!

Perhaps it was that James Hetfield?